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We would like to perk up your meals with a variety of condiments. Their function, apart from teasing the palate with their sharp constrasting sweet, sour, spicy and hot flavors, is to balance out the meals with added protein and vitamins. All chutneys are prepared fresh daily at the Raj Darbar.

Dhania Mirchi Ki Chutney

Fresh coriander-green chilli chutney excellent dip for appetizers such as samosas and sabzi pakoras (hot)

Imli Kayle Ki Chutney

Tamarind-banana chutney superb fruity, sweet-and-sour chutney great with seafood dishes

Poodina Piaz Ki Chutney

Fresh mint leaves-onion chutney perfect accompaniments to tandoori lamb and chicken dishes (hot)

Dahi Kheere Ki Chutney

Yogurt-cucumber chutney cool and refreshing, try with all tandoori, work and rice dishes

Special Ingredients used at Raj Darbar

Basmati Rice

A high quality long grain rice imported from India that is slightly aromatic


The fruit produced by a plant in the ginger family, which is used for flavoring


An aromatic herb of the parsley family-seed and leaves are essential ingredients

Cumin seed

A strongly aromatic see similiar to cardamon


Indian name for all members of the lentil family

Garam Masala

Fround spices, blended together for use as seasoning


A pungent tasting root


Saffron threads which are stigma of special crocuses


Edible brown pulp of a tropical seedpod


Pungent spice of the ginger family

Chick Pea Flour

Garbanzo bean flour