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Raj Darbar - Since 1991

Welcome to Raj Darbar..... "The Royal Court", over the centuries Indian cuisine has been influenced by many cultures. Raj Darbar takes the best from the culinary extravaganza of the great Moguls and bring you a "repast". On the culinary level it was the east, which conqured the west, and the universal popularity of curry is the delicious proof. Herbs and spices are used not only for aroma, but also for their digestive and nutritional values. Wholesome food and good health are closely linked. At Raj Darbar we use only the finest ingredients to prepare dishes that are as healthy as they are delicious.

Our welcome comes from deep within our heart. We will strive to make your dining experience a return to those golden times when every meal was a feast. Our guests are our friends. Enjoy your delightful experience at Raj Darbar. In India, The Clay Oven is known as Tandoor. Centuries ago, Tandoor was introduced to India by the conquering Persians who, at the height of their civilization came to India from the Nortwest frontiers, today known as Afghanistan.

Tandoor is an Indian style clay oven shaped like a jar in which Ali Baba hid from the forty thieves. The sides are lined with smooth clay, are heavily insulated on the outside, and used for making bread. the pit itself is used for roasting meat. Tandoor is fired by charcoal, heating its sides to 900 degrees, creating a sealed heat. Breads, seafood and meats cooked in the tandoor retain natural juices and flavors are nourishing and low in cholesterol.All vegetables, poultry, seafood and meats are prepared to order. Alll fat and skin is carefully removed from meat and poultry prior to cooking using no cholesterol oil.

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