Our Menu - The Clay Oven

$ 29.95

Jheenga Tandoori

Jumbo shrimps marinated in a mixture of yogurt with garlic and ginger with addition of mild spices then roasted in tandoori oven.

$ 20.95

Tandoori Mixed Grill

Combination of lamb, chicken, and jumbo shrimp.

$ 25.95

Darbar Special

A royal feast! Prepared with portions from Tandoori shrimp, tandoori chicken tikka, boti kebab, served with lamb or chicken curry and a naan.

$ 14.95

Tandoori Chicken

One half chicken marinated in yogurt and tandoori spices.

$ 13.95

Murgh Malai Tikka

Mount watering tender cubes of boneless chicken marinated in mild spices along with garlic & light cream cheese.

$ 13.95

Chooza Kebab

Boneless soft dark meat from chicken folded with a special tandoori masala mix together with yogurt and peppercorn.

$ 14.95

Boti Kebab

Morsels of boneless lamb marinated in yogurt, fresh lemon juice, cumin seed, over grilled onions and fresh green leaves.

$ 25.95

Sikandari Champa

Imported Australian large meaty lamb chops marinated in spices and cooked over charcoal in the tandoor.

$ 12.95

Paneer Tikka

Homemade cheese cubes along with bell peppers, onions and spices, skewed on a skewer and cooked in tandoori oven.